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Resources from Union City

Articles covering various topics of faith are available for use in pdf format, with new articles uploaded frequently. This resource library archives its documents in the pdf format for consistency in presentation, and convenience of download. To view these documents & resources, you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. The Adobe pdf Reader is a free software application available for download HERE. Simply click on the article title to open in a new window.

Church app for Union City 'UCCC Connections'

Our Church app is available for download free of charge for smart devices. The app provides instant access to information about events and programs offered by Union City, as well as a Bible reading schedule, access to sermons in audio and video format, a complete calendar of events and much more. Push notifications will also keep you up to date with the latest information. To download the app for your device click HERE.

The Workman Project

Created as a topical Bible Study structure with short themed studies from the New Testament. Two 'levels' are provided to assist individuals to meet their Bible study goals. The first is the basic reading plan entitled 'Workman' and the second, 'Workman Plus' goes a little more indepth by providing additional Scripture passages as supplement to the Workman study. We welcome you in joining us as we progress together through this study and encourage you to go HERE for more info.

Kentucky Ministry

A source of encouragement and support through God's Holy Word, and a network of information for Kentucky churches and Christian organizations that are working to share God's Truth and grow His Kingdom. Check out the services and resources offered through Kentucky Ministry by going HERE.

Bible Commentaries by College Press (Free for Download)

College Press Commentaries: Some of the best Bible commentaries from Restoration Authors

Special audio recordings

  1. The Importance of Preaching: Presented by Dr. Terry L. Peer at the 2010 Cumberland Valley Family Camp.
    Click HERE for Dr. Peer's message.

  2. Seminar on Baptism: Featuring Dr. Jack Cottrell at Tates Creek Christian Church, Lexington KY on 1-22-2011.
    Click HERE for Dr. Cottrell's seminar audio recordings and printed handouts.

Articles by Bro. R. Chip Denief

Undenominational: A Scriptural examination of Denominationalism within the Church
Responding to Jesus: Meeting the covenant terms of salvation
Baptism by Comparison: Comparing the New Testament model of baptism to baptism methods & forms used today
Darwin or Design?: Looking at the faith of Evolution, and the faith of Creationism
Miraculous Gifts of the Holy Spirit: A Biblical observation about Miraculous Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Eternal Security: A Biblical examination of man’s salvation
Demonlogy: A study of demonology from Scripture & Historic writings
Defending Absolute Truth: A plea for developing critical thinking skills
Testament Chart: Presenting the Old Testament & New Testament Eras
Three Drinks: Examining the drinks offered to Jesus at His crucifixion, according to Scripture

Articles by various authors

The Hands of the Apostles by Dr. James E. Smith
Baptize you in the Holy Spirit by Dr. James E. Smith
41 Reasons for Baptism by Dr. James E. Smith
The Gift of Tongues: A Biblical conclusion by Ben Alexander
Hebrew Calendar
What kind of Church is This? by Leroy Lawson
New Testament Compilation by Ferrell Jenkins
Discourse on Demonology by Alexander Campbell

Sermons from the Union City Christian Church

Sermons from Bro. Chip are offered in video & audio format. You may subscribe to our video feed or audio podcast feed, or both. This area is very large and is still being uploaded for use. These files may be downloaded to your computer and played on a video program, such as Windows Media Player, iTunes or an iPod or mp3 player. Audio & Video files are available HERE.

Microsoft Windows Media Player is free and available for download HERE.

Apple iTunes is free and available for download HERE.

To subscribe to the blog, simply navigate to the blog's main page and place your mouse cursor over the topic heading above the right column. The far right portion of the topic heading bar will display an RSS Feed symbol. Click on the RSS Feed symbol and the RSS Feed page will open allowing choice of subscription options. Most prefer to be notified via their Outlook email, but you may select your preference by opening the drop down menu following "Subscribe to this feed using".

Builders for Christ School 2010, 2011 and 2012

Resources and materials from Bro. Chip's class from the 2010, 2011 and 2012 sessions of the Builders for Christ are available for download from our Scholars page by clicking HERE. Further information on the Builders for Christ, and resources offered by their minstry, may be found at their website by clicking HERE.