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Scholars Program

The eldership & ministry staff at Union City stresses the importance of individual Bible study. To assist, and challenge you toward Bible Study, we are beginning a new online Scholar program. This program allows adult students an opportunity to advance through various topics of study at their own pace, followed by an online assessment. Upon establishing proficiency in each unit (based upon the assessment), students will be allowed to advance to the next unit of study.

This program is being developed with direct oversight of our elders & evangelist. Assistance may be provided to students having difficulty with the assessment. This area is secure, requiring enrollment & use of a student specific login for each unit of topical study. Upon proficiency, and completion of each unit, students will be provided with a certificate of proficiency honoring them for their accomplishments.

Levels of study include basics to more advanced "scholar" levels of study. A complete course of study will be provided soon and we will announce the beginning of this program in our assembly. Pray for us as we continue to labor in the process of developing this important program of study.

The following study resources are offered at no charge for your personal use. No publication or reproduction of resources is allowed without prior, expressed written consent from the author. Click on the title link to download or access the resource.

Bible Commentaries by College Press (Free for Download)

College Press Commentaries: Some of the best Bible commentaries from Restoration Authors