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We produce a weekly broadcast featuring the sermons from our assembly time on Sunday mornings. Occasionally we will feature a guest speaker, or another staff member as well. These messages generally follow the same topical preaching plan Bro. Chip uses, and are intentionally a week "behind" our current sermon series. In other words, the sermon you hear this Sunday on the radio was preached at an earlier date in our assembly. This ensures no difficulty in airing the program in the event of a production delay due to heavy work weeks.

Our program airs from our Facebook page and on YouTube every Sunday at 10:50 AM. In a culture of numerous false teachers and programs which contain false doctrines, it is easy to find bad preaching and teaching on the internet, radio and TV. Our goal is to provide solid, Biblical teaching you can rely upon. Check us out at the following links and remember to tell your friends.

To view the worship services online we offer the following options:
To view on our Facebook page: click HERE.
To view on our YouTube channel: click HERE.