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The Union City Christian Church is an undenominational, Independent Christian Church identified with the great movement for the restoration of the New Testament Church. Our plea is for the dissolution of denominationalism and a united body, faithful to the model for faith & practice established in the New Testament. Our service times are as follows: Bible Classes for all ages are offered at 10AM each Sunday morning, Assemby for worship is at 10:50AM each Sunday. We invite you to be our guest in our worship assembly this week.

For information on what it means to be an undenominational Church, speak with Chip .

Please explore the site for valuable resources & information about faith in Christ.

Here's what to expect at Union City:

Your attendance in worship is very encouraging to us, and we want you to know you are welcome here. We understand people have various experiences in religious practices, and come from many different denominational backgrounds. With this in mind, we want to offer a little view into how we structure our assembly at Union City. It is our hope the following will be helpful to you.

• Appropriate clothing for the assembly is defined by one word: Modest . Some worshippers attend wearing blue jeans while others choose to "dress up", so the traditional idea of 'wearing your Sunday best' doesn't mean you are required to wear a dress, or a suit & tie. Our Evangelist wears a tie in the Sunday morning assembly (and sometimes a suit jacket) because... well, he likes to wear ties. You will never be scorned or 'put-down' for what you wear. Please keep in mind the Bible does teach us to be modest. Otherwise, come in whatever makes you feel comfortable.

• Our congregation is widely known for it's love of people. While attending one of our services, you will quickly notice we enjoy meeting new people. Sometimes guests are a little surprised by the lack of anonymity in our assembly... we don't like the idea of anyone feeling like a 'stranger'. We're going to introduce ourselves to you... you'll have to shake some hands and exchange some 'howdys' while you're here with us. We sincerely hope you understand.

• Crying babies, cell phones, and other digital devices are all a wonderful part of our culture. We understand when babies cry or when someone forgets to turn off a cell phone or other gadgets. Although it is a little embarrassing for the person who forgets, we will never belittle you for such a thing happening in our assembly, and we would never want you to feel too embarrassed to return.

• The goal of our assembly is to encourage one another, honor God in our united voice through worship, and be equipped by the Bible for better service in God's kingdom. Though we make every effort to communicate clearly, sometimes, we cover information or use terms which may seem foreign to guests or those who are unfamiliar with Christianity. If you should have any questions about anything regarding our faith, practices or programs, please ask Chip or one of our elders, and we will be sure to assist you.


Our minister and leadership believe strongly in maintaining the practice established by Jesus' Apostles in the Church of the 1st Century. Preaching has a prominent place in our worship. Our evangelist presents the Bible as it is given to mankind... in a practical and relevant manner. While preaching, Chip commonly uses the N.A.S.B. (New American Standard Bible) rather than other versions which use an 'Old English' style of wording. Every worship service includes a sermon which is Biblically responsible and relevant for today's culture presented in a manner which is not lost in Christian 'jargon' or terminology.


The earliest recorded meeting of the Church of Christ occurred in the Book of Acts, and establishes the practices for today's modern Church. One such important practice is the communion remembrance Jesus established with His disciples. Since it was always offered as an integral part of worship on the 1st day of the week (Sunday) in the 1st century Church, we also offer communion (or The Lord's Supper) at each Sunday worship service. Guests who are faithful, obedient Christians are encouraged to participate in communion, and we never force anyone to participate in this remembrance. We practice Paul's teaching regarding the Lord's Supper:

But a man must examine himself, and in so doing he is to eat of the bread and drink of the cup. For he who eats and drinks, eats and drinks judgment to himself if he does not judge the body rightly. I Corinthians 11:28-29, NASB


Another important part of our worship is the receiving of offerings as an expression of our love, faith & thanksgiving for God's faithful provision. Though offerings are received at each Sunday morning worship service, we do not expect guests to participate in the offering out of any sense of compulsion.


At the conclusion of the sermon, our evangelist will offer a time of response to the message. For many, this will be the first opportunity to publicly express faith in Christ Jesus as their Savior and Lord. The New Testament clearly reveals baptism is an essential part of becoming a Christian. The Union City Christian Church practices the Biblical form of baptism by immersion. We do not practice or accept infant baptism, so candidates for baptism are always youth or adult. By attending a service at Union City you will likely see someone make this decision of faith and be baptized in front of the entire crowd of worshippers. We have a clean, heated baptistery which is ready at all times for just such a decision of faith. Anyone who has questions about baptism, what it means to become a Christian or about Christianity in general, is encouraged to speak with Bro. Chip.


Becoming a member of the Union City Christian Church involves being a faithful Christian and making a public confession of your faith in one of our worship services. We are always excited when Christians choose to place their faithful Church membership in our trust. On occasion, due to a recent move or relocation, people will transfer their membership from another New Testament Church to our fellowship. Anyone with inquiries regarding membership is encouraged to speak with our evangelist.

Children's Programs:

Numerous children's programs are offered each week. Sunday School classes are age/grade appropriate with separate learning environments offered from Nursery through High School. During the AM worship service we offer a fully staffed nursery and classes for children through 6th grade. An age specific 'Jr. Church' is offered in a special area during AM worship. Sunday PM offers unique youth programs for elementary aged children through teens at 6PM.