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Baptism Seminar by Dr. Jack Cottrell

The following audio recordings are from a seminar on baptism hosted by the Tates Creek Christian Church of Lexington, KY. on Saturday, January 22nd, 2011. Dr. Jack Cottrell (Cincinnati Christian University) was the featured speaker and the recording was created using a small digital recorder. Since the recording device was handheld, there will be some ambient noises transmitted each time the recorder was touched or moved. I've attempted to clean up the recording so as to improve levels for those asking questions "off microphone", however, some of the audience responses and questions are a little difficult to hear.

Expressed consent from Dr. Cottrell was secured which graciously allows us to provide these recordings via this website at no cost. All materials presented here are the intellectual property of Dr. Jack Cottrell and use of these materials and recordings is intended for personal use or for groups instruction and may not be distributed in printed materials or materials to be sold.

The seminar was from 9 AM until 1 PM, with a few breaks in between sessions. The final session is the longest session and, therefore, is the largest file in download time. Each file opens in a new window simply by clicking on the link. To download the file for use on an mp3 device or computer system, simply right click the file name and save as. Some audience responses and questions are difficult to hear due to the size of the room and location of the recording device. To clarify, I have provided a transcript of each question which was difficult to hear or understand in this recording, in the order which they were asked, in order to provide proper context for Dr. Cottrell's response. Also, a special presentation was made by Wayne B. Smith (former minister at the Southland Christian Church of Lexington, KY) to Dr. Cottrell in appreciation for his contributions to our brotherhood. This portion of the recording is entitled "Presentation".

I hope these recordings will bless you as much as they have blessed those of us fortunate enough to be present for the seminar event.

Handout of printed material for use with this seminar may be downloaded in pdf format by clicking HERE.

Introduction to the Seminar: Tommy Simpson, senior minister at Tates Creek Christian Church:

Listen to "Introduction" by clicking HERE.

Session #1: "Baptism: First Principles"

Listen to Session 1 by clicking HERE.

Session #2: "Questions and Objections Concerning Baptism"

Listen to Session 2 by clicking HERE.

Presentation: Wayne B. Smith and former KY Wildcat basketball player Clint Wheeler to Dr. Cottrell

Listen to Presentation by clicking HERE.

Dr. Cottrell was presented with a UK clock, a poem, a bumper sticker, 2 UK candy bars, a book about Adolph Rupp, a book by Coach Calipari, and a book by Richie Farmer, as well as a packet of "research" by Wayne. He commented that he built this packet upon plagiarism, which Wayne dignified by saying "When you plagiarize long enough it becomes research." Clint Wheeler played under Coach Adolph Rupp and offered some observations about playing in that era.

Session #3: "Questions and Objections Concerning Baptism, continued"

Listen to Session 3 by clicking HERE.

Questions asked to Dr. Cottrell in this session regarding the history of "variant baptisms" and a "deathbed conversion":

(Beginning at 42:00 on the recording) Two questions were asked, the first regarding the historic change from Biblical baptism to variant forms including sprinkling, pouring and infant baptism. The second questions was personal concerning the woman's father who was hospitalized with a terminal illness and taught by a minister that he didn't have to be immersed. Her father, with the understanding he had decided not to be baptized and the woman was grieved by the Biblical teaching of the necessity of baptism for salvation.

In answer, Dr. Cottrell points out the 3rd lesson in the printed material to the first question. Then, beginning at 45:40 in this recording, Dr. Cottrell addresses her second question by referring to page 2 (Objections handout) point 7 regarding the "pious unimmersed".

A follow up question is asked at 55:51 of this recording and asks "What about a person who has never heard about Jesus Christ, perhaps from another country?"